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We start each new project 

with a 100% free brand audit.

During our initial consultation, which we refer to as our Discovery Session, we'll have a perfunctory brand audit prepared in order to have an open discussion regarding wherein potential opportunities lie. We can then present you with actionable ideas in which can be used as a blueprint to create advertising content - like a series of videos for your new product, or a contemporary update on your dusty old website. This initial meeting is 100% free.

"Brand Storytelling."

Sure, it sounds nice, but what does it actually mean?

Brand Storytelling is the basic principle of literally looking at each campaign or project as though we're creating a story out of it; The same way you'd think about writing a book, or directing a film. We gather pieces of information about your brand in which you'd like conveyed to your audience, and turn that into a fully digestible, comprehensible, visually alluring story; The same way a filmmaker may take a real-life issue, and turn it into a documentary.   

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